21 years ago I was on the verge of suicide. Today I lead a life that I could never have imagined possible while I was battling depression.

My mission is to spread my story and message that life is worth fighting for, that it is never too late and anything is possible, for anyone.

I am Helena Bourdillon. I have survived and triumphed over chronic depression and now I freedive to depths of -76m.  I have 7 National Records for depth and have represented GB at the World Championships four times.

But I want to go deeper, much deeper, because the deeper I dive, the further my message will carry.

I am 46 years old and my motto is “Daring to Inspire.” When I’m not in the water, I do public speaking events where I talk of my journey to positive mental health, incorporating the knowledge and skills that I have learned during my recovery process as well as those gained from freediving and how these can be easily translated into healthier lifestyles and businesses (without the need to hold your breath!)

As a breath trainer, I show people how to gain better health both physically and mentally through using healthy breathing habits which you can learn more about by watching this short video.

My message is one of encouragement and hope, survival and resilience.

The following short film is my story so far, created by master story-teller Simeon Quarrie,


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