A full “Belly, Back and Sides” breath, is the most undervalued fitness activity you can do for yourself.  By improving your breathing foundations, any advanced exercises or breathwork you progress onto will become even more beneficial as a result.

Are we breathing properly?  The answer is almost 9 out of 10 of us are not!

Today’s fast-paced and highly reactionary living is not conducive to proper breathing and this can severely affect our health, both physically and mentally.

High stress levels and blood pressure, digestive issues including IBS and constipation, back pain and migraines are just a few of the ailments that may have been brought on and then further exacerbated by breathing.

The great news is that with proper breathwork foundations, it is possible to alleviate all of these symptoms and greatly improve quality of life.


I run workshops for individuals and groups to help re-introduce people to the foundations of proper breathwork (which we do naturally when born).

I teach awareness and exercises to facilitate a “Belly, Back and Sides” breath and encourage the incorporation of this into daily lives.

Breathing for Health – include a variety of exercises to
increase awareness of the diaphragm, how to activate and strengthen it.

Breathing for Relaxation – includes instruction on both ancient and modern breathing techniques that can be used to help the mind and body to be calm and focused as well as other exercises that can stimulate and energise.

The two parts of the workshop bring together all the physical and mental aspects of full and proper breath-work.


“My wife and I attended a private Breathing and Relaxation workshop given by Helena in December 2017.

She showed us how to breathe from the belly (using the diaphragm rather than lifting the upper body) and yogic breathing techniques as well as some hypnotic patterns in order to relax.

The workshop was very interesting and very well presented.”

Ben B

If you are interested doing a breathwork workshop either for yourself or a group, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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