I grew up in London and was a water baby from the start.  I learned to scuba dive aged 12 and enjoyed it for many years but always found it to be a bit noisy and cumbersome.

While travelling in Thailand in 2013, I discovering freediving and it was love at first dive!  I found a deep level of  peace and tranquility that I wasn’t able to access whilst scuba diving.

Shortly after starting to freedive, I had to take a year away from depth for personal reasons but returned and in 2015, I was selected to attend the biennial Individual Depth World Championships in Cyprus on the British Team.  I placed overall 10th out of 30 women.

In 2017 I attended the same event, this time in Roatan, Honduras where I placed overall 5th out of 31 women.

My passion is for the depth disciplines, but I use the pool for training when I am London based and unable to access deep water.

I am an SSI Level 2 Freediving Instructor and have a healthy passion for Yoga.  I relish both the physical and mental side of free diving and look forward to consistently increasing my depths over the coming years.


-70 Metres Free Immersion (FIM)

-71 Metres Constant Weight (CWT)

-53 Metres Constant Weight No Fins (CNF)

5 Minutes 22 Seconds Static Breath Hold


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