I have a message of hope and encouragement to those who suffer from mental illness and by talking about my experiences, I hope to help dispel the associated stigma, making it easier to reach out and get help.


It took 17 years for me to get to the stage of being able to talk about my journey through depression.

As with any mental illness, it has not been an easy journey.  My first memorable experience of depression was when I was 11 and it was the start of a chronic disease that by 2000, had me preparing to commit suicide.

With help and support from my family, friends, the NHS and a great therapist, I now live a life that 18 years ago, I could not have dreamt possible.

Today, I talk about this journey and how I now use my daily freediving training to maintain my mental health.  These wellness activities helped me to achieve 5th place overall at the Freediving Individual Depth World Championships, 2017 and there is more to come!


I have gained a lot of learning experiences over the years, from running my own jewellery business for 13 years to working in the telecom industry as an account manager and as a technical engineer.  Alongside the skills I have gained from freediving, I am able to adapt my speaking to incorporate appropriate business messages such as shareholder value, deadline importance, consistency, sustainability, safety etc.

It can also help individuals and business address the very sensitive issue of mental health and the pressures of performance at work.

In a society where 1 in 4 people will suffer from some sort mental health problem each year, we can no longer afford to let this stigma prevail.


“Helena’s talk was  unforgettable and thought provoking . She showed  that  we can all overcome really difficult moments in our own  personal or business life when we can share our experiences and are willing to help and support  each other .

People are at the very heart of all high performing teams whether it is an international freediving competition  or running a construction business.  We need both oxygen and cash to keep us all healthy.”

March 2018 @ The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Keith JonesHead of Commercial Services , Infrastructure – Skanska UK

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