Proper functional breathing is the most beneficial, yet undervalued, health activity you can do for yourself both physically and mentally. 

Are we breathing properly?  The answer is almost 9 out of 10 of us are not.

Today’s fast-paced and highly reactionary living is not conducive to proper functional breathing and this can severely affect our health, both physically and mentally.

High stress, anxiety and blood pressure levels, digestive issues including IBS or constipation, back pain and migraines are just a few of the ailments that may have been brought on and then further exacerbated by poor breathing.

The great news is that with proper breath work foundations, it is possible to reverse these symptoms (sometimes completely) and greatly improve quality of life.


I run workshops for individuals and groups to help re-introduce people to the foundations of functional breathing (which we do naturally when born).

Everyday breathing habits should be – Low, Light and Slow.

Low – Through your nose into the lower part of your lungs.  Light – the volume of air required for the activity you are doing and the noise you make while breathing.  Slow – your speed of respiration.

I explain the importance and science behind this style of everyday breathing and demonstrate exercises to help your body return to this anatomically correct style of breathing that we all did when we were younger.

Breathing for Health – includes a variety of exercises to increase awareness of the diaphragm and other breathing muscles and how to activate and strengthen all of them.

Breathing for Relaxation – includes instruction on both ancient and modern breathing techniques which can be used to help the mind and body to be calm and focused as well as others that help re-energise.

Breathing for Performance – includes exercises that with help calm the body but enhance your focus and performance.


During my recovery and fight against cancer, I had been offered wellness courses that touched upon breathing.  I could not however pass on meeting Helena with her background as a Freediver, and somebody that has practised breathing methods in order to compete at the elite of Freediving.  Helena suggested a few exercises and my digestion issues and general health has improved and I am so grateful for her advise and support.

Cancer Support Group – North London

“As someone who suffers with breathing difficulties, I found Helena’s talk very helpful and I am practicing her exercises and I can feel it helps every day.”  Anne C.

“I feel more in charge of myself.” Jeannie

“Very useful, very calming.” Janette

“I would highly recommend a breathing class with Helena.

Helena started with an explanation of why our breathing is so important and then took us through some exercises to first assess how we currently breathe.

I discovered that one whole side was very lazy and that I tend to breathe too fast as rule and there was me thinking I knew how to breathe!

The exercises to improve have been brilliant and I loved the guided relaxation breathing to end the session…totally drifted away and found peace in a way I never experience before. This is something I will definitely do again.”

“Having a breathing workshop and taking time out just to focus on breathing itself makes me think of what great results are achievable on one’s overall health if practiced every day.

The 1-2-1 session with Helena was great and we went through each sequence together which was very useful.  Her approach made me feel safe to ask any questions that came up for me whilst practicing.  Helena also left me with a booklet which included all the sequences we had practiced.”

“The presentation on breathing was brilliant”

March 2018 @ The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

If you are interested a breath work session, either for yourself or a group, please contact me to discuss your requirements.


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