Today I turn 45.  Yes, I know I’ve been talking about being 29 for quite a few years now but today I actually turn 45 and with all the preconceived notions that we have in the western world.

There are the usual “adulting” questions that run through my mind:  What am I doing with my life?  Shouldn’t I be doing a sensible job?  Why didn’t I start preparing for my pension 25 years ago?  Should I have settled down with a husband and have children and pets by now…..???

I have the answers for all of these questions and I’m okay with my decisions.

But there is something different about turning 45 and being a woman.  The baby opportunity days are pretty much over and a lot of society (consciously or subconsciously) now believes that you’re on the shelf and kind of irrelevant as you’re not seen to be doing anything for the Greater Good…

And just to be clear, I’m part of that society and am guilty of having thought those things in the past too.

But I’m still here and like anyone who has reached their mid-forties, I have a wealth of life experience and knowledge under my belt.

I feel very honored, that with my experiences of depression and mental illness, I am able to talk to people about the fact that it is never too late, that life is worth fighting for and that anything is possible for anyone.

I love the fact that I only started freediving aged 39, reminding myself that age is a barrier that doesn’t need to be there and that I am certainly one of the older competitive freedivers and intend to be one for many more years to come.

I’m still relevant and in fact, in my mid-forties I am only just beginning to find my true voice.

Today I dedicate my dives to anyone who has ever been made to feel irrelevant because of their age.

Photo by Annelie Pompe.

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  1. Stéphane
    Stéphane says:

    Strong words and very emotional. I am 44 years old and watch Brigitte Banegas 53 years old dives with passion. We need to change about all those misconceptions of Life. Not having a baby is today a gift for biodiversity and nature, it is (sadly) a consumer that will not pollute our planet. You must be proud, really proud about what you do, your message and simply what you are. A human still evolving in conscience.


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